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Since 1953 Curtis White Companies has prided itself on making our customer's dream home a reality . Our experienced team of professionals is committed to creativity and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every job is built to the highest standards.  As one of the area’s premier custom home builder and remodeler we strive to offer the highest level of customer service and individualized design, and all under one roof.  By working with customers and making recommendations through a step-by-step building process, from initial space planning to the final knob on the last cabinet, we make certain that every facet of the customer’s vision is explored and incorporated into the design; no idea is too big, no detail too small.  A home that stands above the rest in quality & energy efficiency, a home that will ensure a lifetime of enduring value, pride, and satisfaction for its owner.
Our homes offer the latest building science, materials and systems for high energy efficiency and performance.

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  1. I contracted Curtis White Companies to build a home plan that I had found on the internet. Joe and Katie were very easy to work with -- they explained everything that had to be done and gave realistic expectations of how the process would work. Once construction began, they were very good keeping me updated on progress and aware of what steps needed to be taken. They were always good about hitting specific target dates (despite a very rainy summer to work in) and kept me in the know on the things I needed to have to them. In the end, the final product is the home I was hoping for and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend Joe and Katie to anyone looking to build a house.
    E Roberts
  2. I found it very easy to work with this builder and it was at most a very good experience. Mr. White was very open to what I wanted and I am very happy with my home. He and his staff were very professional and caring, I would hire them again and recommend them highly. If the work wasn't done to Mr. White's expectations, he had it redone. Katie was great to work with and went out of her way to try and find things I wanted in my house. They are a good company and I highly recommend them anytime.
    S. Adams
  3. For anyone who is wanting to buy or have a home built I would whole heartedly recommend Katie McLaughlin and the Curtis White Company. They are very knowledgable in the home building and selling process. They have been nothing less than completely honest during the entire process and their responsivness during and after the sale has been tremendous. Honesty is a long forgotten character trait in that industry and I am thankful to have the opportunity work with people with such character.
    Trent E.
  4. Curtis White is what most companies strive to be. Most companies today have lost that personal touch and that confidence from the customer that their builder is really listening to their needs. From Katie and her gift at dealing with the personal side to Joe, and his expertise and attention to detail in the actual building process, you are getting it all with Curtis White. I thoroughly enjoy working with Curtis White Companies!!
    Scott C.
  5. DescriptWorking with Curtis White Co was a great experience. They built my home quickly and expertly. The City building inspector even called me to personally tell me how great the house looked. I truly appreciate the energy efficient measures they added for us. Katie was timely in responding to my many emails, all of the subs seem fairly knowledgeable in their trade, and best of all is that they managed to work in all of my "upgrades" at the best price they could. Building a house isn't my idea of a great time, but if I ever decide to do it again, I will definitely call them! ion
    A. Self
  6. I would HIGHLY recommend Curtis White Companies to build your next home!! Joe and Katie have become family over the last 6 months and have a heart for building what you want. If you are considering the Curtis White Companies for your next home, feel free to reach out to me for a recommendation!! Thank you Joe and Katie!!!
    K. Baker
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