Steps to Building Your New Home:     
   Whether you own your on property  or continue to search for the perfect site, Curtis White Companies’ team of professionals is ready to help. We will visit your home-site or  to help you determine which location will best suit your needs. Included in the assessment are site preparation cost, possible location adjustments, building elevation, water and electricity service, wells, and septic systems. 
                                                        Plan Your Dream Home
      Curtis White Companies offers an array of home plans, custom designs or we can build from yours. To insure that your new home is suited to your family’s lifestyle. Plus, our in-house architectural department allows for enhanced flexibility in making structural customizations, meaning the dream house you create on paper can truly become your home. 
                                                                  Secure Financing
   With our preferred mortgage companies we ensure buyers receive competitive financing terms and incomparable customer service from start to finish. A knowledgeable loan officer will help you determine the best financing options for your individual situation and answer any questions or concerns. 

                                                                         No Down Payment on your Lot
            You can use the value of your land as a credit towards your down payment.
If your lot is worth $20,000, then the mortgage company would consider your land just like cash. So it would be like you have already put $20,000 down!
(don't have a lot yet? we can help find you the perfect spot you your new home.)
                                                                               Appraisal & Loan Approval

                                                                                  Pre-construction meeting
                                                                        Break ground and construction starts!

                                                                                      Color design meeting
 There are countless choices when selecting exterior and interior finishes, and Curtis White Companies staff will make the process easy and enjoyable. We  will work with you at your design appointment and durning construction to personalize the look of your new home.
                                                                  Pre-Closing Home Orientation/Final Walk-Through
                                                                      Closing and Moving into your new home!



                   Contact us to build your dream home today!